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If you’ve found that you’re suddenly the parents of teenagers instead of children, then you’re probably in shock. There are many different aspects of this change that can literally throw many things into a state of confusion. You need all the help you can get. Keep reading to find out more about these times and some tips for parenting teens made easier.

You must realize not to take what your teenagers are saying personally when they are lashing out or trying to be manipulative. While you want to be considerate of their feelings, you can’t just take everything they say to heart. They will say some pretty hurtful things sometimes.

Another good tip to abide by is staying calm when communicating with them. At no point in time is it a good idea to engage in communicating with them in ways that would be perceived as childish. Also, if they are raising their voice, that is showing disrespect, so it’s time to correct them. Don’t acknowledge them if they’re being disrespectful, and both of you need to take a step back if anything gets heated.

This is all part of you being the parent. You of course cannot be their friend. This isn’t going to work. While it may seem easier and seem like it may work at first, it will end up going sour in the long run. You need your child’s respect, and you can’t do that as their friend. You need to guide them.

Speaking of guiding them, you must lead by your example. Don’t just tell them what they should be doing. Show them by acting the right way yourself. If you model inappropriate behavior, then you can expect them to at least experiment with the same behaviors. While it’s ultimately their choice what they do, do you really want to set them at odds?

You must always be sure that the punishments you impose are appropriate ones. You don’t want to have the wrong punishments or set unrealistic expectations or your efforts will not prove worthwhile. You need to be realistic with your punishments and make them count.

Your teen needs your support, and they also need your attention. You need to make sure you’re paying attention to your children and what they’re doing. If you get too caught up in your own personal life, you may not see the things that are going on right in front of your face. Know who their friends are, and make sure that you keep tabs on their activities. It’s important that you monitor all of this because it has to do with their safety. Safety should be your first priority when it comes to your children.

Parenting a teen is quite a challenge, and if you have more than one, then you have an even bigger challenge. Make sure you remember the tips that have been described in this article as you go about determining the best ways to handle your teens at home.

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