Finding Time for the New Parent

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Being blessed with a new bundle of joy is a wondrous thing. It is so wonderful, in fact, that you might end up having trouble finding time for yourself. The problem is, you need to make time for yourself every day in order to do the best job taking care of your baby. Follow the advice below to find some time for yourself and other loved ones during the busy days of parenting.

Making time for yourself is not only about finding time to get back to your old weight. Do not spend all your free time exercising. Instead, focus on keeping your body healthy and eating plenty of nutrients. Especially if you are breastfeeding, is is important to eat healthily.

Split night shifts with your partner. Even if your partner works outside of the home full time and you do not, you still deserve a night of uninterrupted sleep once in a while. If this is not possible, ask a family member to stay with your baby one night a week or hire a babysitter.

Schedule time for yourself to relax every single day. Do not do any chores in your relaxing time. Watch television, read a book, take a bath or just lounge outdoors if the weather is nice enough. Of course, you will have to work your scheduled breaks around your baby’s schedule, try to set the time as well as you can. Have your time to yourself as soon as your baby naps, when your partner is available to take over, at night or any regular time you can sneak in a few minutes for yourself.

Do not let yourself loose touch with your friends. This is a mistake that many new mothers make as enjoying and taking care of your baby takes up most of your time. Call them and try to spend time with them when you are invited. When you turn down so many invitations out, people will stop asking you to go out. Invite them to come over when you can and ask your partner to stay home with the baby so you can go out once in a while.

Spend time with your partner without the baby around. Whether it is lunch or a movie in the afternoon, out dancing in the evening or just quiet time without interruptions, you need to fine time to spend with your partner. Hire a babysitter in the evening or ask your baby’s aunt, uncle or grandparent to babysit for a while so you and your partner can have some time alone.

Being a new parent is a challenging yet rewarding experience. You love your little bundle of joy so much, it is easy to get caught up and ending up devoting all of your time to your child with no time for yourself and others in your life. Follow the advice above to find time for yourself and the friends you spent so much time with before you had your child.

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